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Web Design & Development

Combining Design & Delivery

Websites can be a difficult but central part of the image your business projects. How do you make sure it is professional and clear for visitors, while offering your employees and users a familiar, quick and consistent process. Now even the most simple website has adapted to perform some of the functions that typically, or traditionally, an application or piece of software would have managed.

This has further complicated the needs and requirements for your website, however if you can manage to satisfy your requirements then you can be in position where one portal delivers for all your users.

How can you make sure this happens? At Astwood Consulting we follow a few key steps:

  • Clear scoping and definition of requirements: An important first step is very clearly understanding what you want you website or application to do, how it will do this and who for.
  • Wire Framing the solution: A clear screen by screen mock up of what your site will do, and how, clearing up any question areas prior to any development or design.
  • Development with testing: We make sure that the feedback process is continuous while we develop for you, feedback is incorporated early and clearly to make sure the development is as efficient as possible.
  • Feedback, Testing and Review: The most important part of any project, first versions almost never meet all user expectations, or do not have any bugs, and the most critical aspect to ultimate success is to make sure first versions are reviewed, tested and developed upon.

If this process matches your expectations as a client then please get in contact with us to discuss your requirements, alternatively please feel free to review our portfolio of work.