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Mobile Applications

Design to Download

So you’ve had an idea for an App? or your company has decided that now is the time to take the plunge and develop a mobile app for a particular service or team?

Well the great news is that there are now a huge number of people who can develop this idea for you and turn it in to an a mobile application or mobile app. However what they won’t tell you is that beyond the actual development there are some other key areas that if you want to make the most of your idea, its a good idea to look out. Here is a couple of quick tips on mobile applications:

1. Who is the app for and how is it going to work – what platform do you want it to be available on? When are people going to us it? How long for? – get these questions right and its means you app will be aimed at the right people on the right platform.

2. What sort of User Interface do you want? (what is a User Interface! – its the look and feel of your app, colours, controls, screens, themes, fonts) – this is one of the most critical aspects of an app, right up with what it actually does. The way your user interacts with an app defines what they think of it – don’t think this is as important is what it does? Think of smartphones before the iPhone, social networks before Facebook, instant messaging before WhatsApp – put simply, none of these products were the first to perform the functions that they do – they simply where the best at doing it, how, by how they let the user interactive with what they do.

We’ve been developing software, mobile versions of client websites, reporting portals and yes, mobile apps, for a few years at Astwood Consulting – do we know everything you can know about apps – no, but we like we hope we picked up a few tips from our own experiences.

If you’ve got an app you’d like to develop, or an idea you think could be an app get in touch and we’d love to help. Sometimes we even fund app development ourselves if we think its a good enough idea.

Can we practice what we preach? – check out our very own app AutoText and let us know.