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Financial Modelling

Understanding the Bottom Line

If you’re managing a project, service or team then generally you are primarily focused on a couple of key factors – what are you aiming to do? How much will it cost? What are my targets?

At Astwood Consulting we’ve built financial models that answer questions simply and effectively across a whole range of industries. From nursing teams in the NHS, to multi million pound renewable energy projects, our expertise in financial modelling is extensive, we’ve built financial models that track a whole range of indicators, resources or money, and map to the financial return, time saved or completion date of the project in question.

Funnily enough this models aren’t built in complex new software ‘custom built’ – but using a tool that if we don’t love, at least most people know – Microsoft Excel. You may think that your project is too big, or covers to big an area, or simply is too complex to use a spreadsheet to manage.

But here is a simple truth: models, dashboards and other management tools when people can easily share them, understand them, and adjust them.

Microsoft Excel gives you a unique ability to work with a programme and controls you know – but allows you to total customize the model your building, starting with inputs and calculations, right through to the output, automatically updating dashboards and self generating PDF summary reports (yes we can do all of that right from the simple spreadsheet programme called Excel).

If you have something that you’d like us to model then simply get in Contact – or want a flavour of some of the models we’ve already built then see What Our Clients Say about us.