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Business Analytics

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Tailored to You

Ultimately our business analytics services and consultancy support are tailored to exactly what you and your business require. However we've detailed below some of the common services we provide to clients. If there is something you would like us to assist with or even if you've just got a question we might be able to answer, please get in touch.

Our Key Analytics Services

Do you get frustrated every month that the information you need to run your business is not at your fingertips? Do you and your team waste days each month trying to adjust, fix and manipulate your raw data to get management reports ready, that always seem to never quite present the information correctly, or effectively? At Astwood Consulting we understand the challenges that almost every business face when comes to turning the huge amounts of raw data that you can easily collect into a meaningful, and comprehensive, insight in to how your business is performing. And the even greater challenge in using this insight to understand what decisions you should be taking based on the information presented.

Ultimately for most businesses data and reporting is not what they do, but what they have to do in order to run effectively and grow. At Astwood Consulting it is what we do, we work with our clients to help them focus on what they do best, while giving them the tools and reports from their data to ensure they do effectively.

We work with our clients to understand the exact information and reporting they require, we design from scratch the reports for their business, and when we say from scratch, all elements of the report can be completely customised to their requirements, including:

  • Type of information shown – whether it is text or numeric information you determine what tables to display and where
  • Graphical displays of information – we work with you to determine what graphical tools give you the best insight and information from your data
  • Format of report – colouring, text and layout can all be adjusted to match your preferences or company formats
  • Branding of report – All reports can be tailored to your company’s branding, with colours and logo easily included so the report looks just like own
  • Level of report – whether summary or detailed reports are required for different sections of the company, each can be provided as required
  • Structure of report – front and back covers, contents pages and section breaks can all be included to make the report easily to navigate, use and understand

Once your reports are designed, we work with you to lay out a clear timetable for each reporting period, this confirms when you submit the raw data to us and when your reports will be delivered each month.

Where does this leave you? With the information and reports you need to run your business, delivered at exactly the same time each month, in an easy to use PDF format. What do you have to do to for this? Simply submit the agreed raw data to us but a set time each month – and we do the rest!

Do you think this could be of use in your business? If you are struggling with your current data and reporting then get in contact today – let us allow you to focus on your business.

Our team helps people and companies with Microsoft Excel, through tailor made training courses and through one to one consultancy support. For more information on how we run our training courses please view our dedicated information on Excel Training.

Our ability to provided consultancy support for Microsoft Excel and offer one to one training allows us to help companies with many aspects of their business activity that are core, and central, to them. Each business uses Microsoft Excel in a unique way to help their business operate. This may be through spreadsheets tracking sales or invoices, or simply sheets to help manage teams, or far more complex macro driven Excel based tools. Often these Excel sheets and methods of working are created to simply fill the need, to allow you to keep working and keep business running, this is the nature of life and business, however this also means that there are unused features and elements of Microsoft Excel that can dramatically help you do this task, quicker, more easily and more accurately.This is where we help.

Our team has extensive experience delivering Excel based solutions to clients, examples of which are included in our Portfolio page. However ultimately our support and helps rests on how you as a business use Excel, because put simply that is where we can help, every business is different, every business will have its own way of working and own structure to manage this.

Our skill is understanding this and then helping you do it better, we can help support your business, and we do not do this through complex expensive new software, unfamiliar to you and your business, but through utilising fully the tools and software you already are familiar and comfortable with, Allowing your primary work to remain in a program, and environment, you understand. Indeed this drives everything we do, helping you to function as a business in the most effective, and simplest, way.

Our skills, experience, and expertise can be utilized to help with almost any problem or business area, it may be a simple Excel spreadsheet you require assistance with, or some support to understand how you can use Excel to solve a complex problem you have. Please Contact Us to see how we can start helping you today.

Our Microsoft Excel Training Courses aim to transform the way you use Microsoft Excel. Most tradition Microsoft Excel Training Courses focus on a standard format and structured session, taking you through the functions Excel can perform, without linking them in anyway to your needs and day to day work.

However linking the training course to what you need to understand, within a structured format, is the critical ingredient to success, we believe, and thus our Excel training course format follows this belief.

While almost all courses are well delivered, well structured, and give good examples of Excel in use, if they are not relevant to your needs, what you need to do each day, ultimately much of what is learned will be lost. Our approach to Excel training aims to answer this problem simply and effectively.

Prior to the course we will contact delegates directly to find out their key issues, areas where they wish to learn further, and areas they already feel comfortable in. This allows us to adjust our course structure accordingly, both in terms of content, and in terms of the examples and exercises we take delegates through.

This enables the course structure and content, to be directly linked to your needs, your work, and your skills. Our Excel training courses are run all over the country and we run courses for both individual groups based at local training venues or for your company at a time and location that you decide.

All our courses also are inclusive of a two hour open workshop after the course, which allows you, with all your new skills fresh, to ask the specific questions, and discuss the precise issues directly linked to your work. Of course our team are on call after the course, should you have any specific questions they can answer for you via email. For further information on our courses please download our sample Course Flyer

For companies please Contact Us so we can put together a bespoke training package that suits your needs.

Timely and accurate information, whether for a special project, general sales figures, or stock levels, is essential for effective management.

Our team can build from scratch, and tailor for you, a dashboard that provides management information at your fingertips, in the most effective format for your business.

By designing a dashboard based on individual specifications, the update can take minutes rather than days. This means, not only do you have the key management information you require, but the time spent updating the dashboard is minimal.

Basing the tool in Microsoft Excel allows you to be comfortable and familiar with the software your dashboard is based in, our team work with you to ensure that the design, feel and intricacies of the dashboard work exactly how you want them to, there is no frustration, no wasted time, and no learning and training required to them.

The dashboard can largely be made up of what you require for your business, whether this is key metrics, displayed how you require, or automatically updating information that instantly provides you with key target groups, customers or products.

As much or as little detail can be displayed within the report as is needed for you, we can build very high level summary reports or provided details analysis at your finger tips each and every time you update the report.

Graphical output can be built in to the specific format you require, as can options for easy printing and distribution of the report to ensure ease of use.

Rather than invest in unfamiliar and costly software to help access your data, Astwood Consulting can help you build a company-specific system, complete with input and user forms designed for you.

This will manage and store your data in a system that is familiar to you, providing ease of use, security, and importantly, cost-effectiveness.

Our input forms can be custom designed to match the type and nature of the data you wish to store, and make the input of data quick, secure, and consistent for your business.

Custom forms not only exist for input but also for querying your database. Allowing you to easily, and quickly call up records based on search criteria. Once again Astwood Consulting will design these forms for your business, allowing you to analyse and manage your data in the easiest possible way.

As always we aim to build all our end user tools in Microsoft Excel, or a simple cloud based website. This means the front end, and platform you use, is clear, understood, and simple to use for you and your employees.