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BNI Reporting Services

Welcome to the sign up page for our BIN related services – around the world our BNI clients access simply and easily each month the key data to help them manage their chapters, regions and countries effectively. Our range of reporting services includes:

Member Traffic Lights | Chapter Traffic Lights | Regional Dashboards | Chapter Dashboards

Alongside ready to use statistics generated at the same time every month, our client’s benefit from fast secure file sharing, meaning excel tables and pdf reports automatically sync and appear on their own computers. We even give them the ability to have automated reports sent out via PDF to members and directors.

For more information about any aspect of our BNI services please get in touch via or use our Contact form.

To sign up to one of services please select the relevant country below and click.

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Guideline Policies for BNI Reporting Services:

We think its important we are clear with our clients exactly how these services work so before you sign up please note the following key policies:

 Privacy Policy: All the services available for sign up on this page are based on a regular payment being taken for the selected service. Please note we do not store any of the financial or credit card details used to take this payment nor do we share customer information or managed data with any 3rd parties. All financial transactions and information are managed securely via Chargify & PayPal.

Delivery of Service Policy: All the services available for signup on this page provide analysed data on a regular basis. On sign up to the service a specification document will be sent out to every client for the relevant service, this details how and when this information is provided. This specification is approved by the relevant BNI Executive or National Director prior to the service going live. If you have any questions at any time about the service delivery please email

Cancellation & Refund Policy: Please note for any service detailed here there is no minimum term contract or notice period linked to the service. Upon sign up to the service the client will be provided on a regular basis with certain information (indicated within each service specification) and should you ever wish to cancel the service then you simply notify Astwood Consulting via emailing, confirming which service and area you wish to cancel along with the date and original contact email address that signed up to the service. At the time of cancellation refunds will be provided for any element of the service that has been paid for but not completed and shared with the client. Please note once information has been shared with a client then any charge associated with it is non refundable.

Complaints & Contact Information: If you ever have any complaint or issue with any service or wish to contact us, please email via or use our Contact form.