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Thanks for visiting our website, when I set up Astwood Consulting I had a simple aim, to help people and organisations use things that traditionally cause them pain (spreadsheets, software and applications) to actually help with what they do. I started my career as a consultant with Deloitte so I’ve seen up close and personal what happens in organisations when large scale solutions don’t work!

Our method of working is very simple,  I look after you as the client trying to understand not just what the issue is but the best solution to fix it. Once we’ve got this in place I then manage a fantastic team of specialists (techies to you and I) to deliver what we’ve decided on. This guys can handle most things, from individual files with functions in them, to global applications.

Since setting up 3 years ago we’ve helped a whole range of people, including:

Individuals working with Excel looking for an easier way to do tasks linked to their work and personal lives

Teams and offices wanting to set-up standard management tools for their office – easy to update, monitor and most importantly understand!

NHS trusts looking to give nursing teams a simply and easy to use solution to access the huge amounts of patient data that can help them get to the people they can help most, quicker

A global franchise that had individual countries requiring monthly management statistics and reports, with some common functions (reports that are auto-emailed, master versions of key performance indicators in Excel) but all who had different measures and methods of calculating their key performance indicators  – we were able to offer each country a totally unique set of monthly statistics – useful and easy to understand for them, alongside the standard tools they expected.

A multi million pound Energy business that used our modelling capabilities to evaluate and invest in funded renewable energy installations.

As I look over this list we’ve helped lots of different people in different circumstances  so chances are if your reading this with a issue similar to one of the examples above – we can help you!

Through most of our work we’ve been building various types of software for people, Excel tools, websites (desktop & mobile), reporting portals and this has set us naturally on to our next area of development – mobile applications. We can put this to work for our clients, getting then set with exactly the application they would like, however we’ve also gone further than this and develop apps in house where we think there is a need.

Our first app AutoText is now live, please do have a look at it and let me know what you think, and please do get in touch if you think you have an idea that would make a great app – if we think so too we’ll fund it for you!


Mike Capewell
Astwood Consulting